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Love it bro keep em coming. Very informative, interesting and easy to understand.

Inside the vault.

Great information.


Love the Energy and Information!!!


Literally one of the best business podcast ever!

Great Content!

You’re giving us inspiration, motivation, and tons of gems. It’s for us, and by us. This kinda content is timeless, and is gonna help the black community ✊🏽

A Different View Point

I love how we get to see a different view point of the guess instead of the same type of questions they’re typically asked. We really get to see how they think and get the secret formula to their wealth


This was a really amazing show!

Energy is everything

I watch and listen to your morning show, it’s has been my morning motivation for the last two weeks. Keep doing what you’re doing and spreading your great energy!!!


This has to be one of the best business podcasts ever! Listening to this interview with Kandi, I was able to pull so many gems. Ash is an amazing interviewer and really knows how to carry the conversation. Looking forward to more episodes.

Great show with Kandi Burress

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, and looking forward all future podcasts.

Great Show!!!

Congratulations Ash Cash on starting your own podcast. This interview with Kandi was so dope and motivational. She dropped so many gems. She has always been a Friend in my head, lol... I love the names of your segments i.e credit check, balance etc. the incorporation of banking terminology is genius... looking forward to more shows...

Thoughts from UMI

He spreads knowledge to our culture that needs it, powerful stuff!!!

Great show

Been following ash since what the fico. He brings ton of value and educates the culture in terms that can be understood and applied. Ash is a pillar to the community.

Dope podcast

Ash cash has been teaching financial literacy and just took it to another level! Again


I loved Ash Cash show he’s so inspirational

Great interview on a great network

He’s super relatable and engaging. A must watch/ listen in financial education.

I’m hooked after Kandi

The Kandi interview was such transparent insight into the motivation of such a successful business woman. Ash moved the conversation nicely, I love that it wasn’t about gossip! This podcast helped me understand more how I can apply some of what they discussed to my own life. Invaluable information. And they were cracking jokes!