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July 20, 2022

ITV#74: How to Keep Your Money and Win the Tax Game with Carter Cofield

ITV#74: How to Keep Your Money and Win the Tax Game with Carter Cofield


We know the tax system is a game. But how can you play a game when you don’t know the rules? 

If you want to legally keep your hard earned money and start moving like a millionaire, Carter Cofield is here to tell you how it’s done. He’s giving advice that he normally doesn’t give for free so you don’t want to miss this. 

Do you want to take 4 family vacations a year with expenses paid? 

Do you want to leverage your taxes so that you can buy a house without dipping into your own income? Tune in right now! - it’s time to stop playing and start living in abundance. 

In this episode Ash Cash and Carter Cofield discuss: 

1. What is the golden tax formula and how does it benefit you? 

2. How deducting your tax expenses might actually be hurting you. 

3. Why every W2 employee should have a side hustle for tax purposes. 

4. What to know about your 401k after you quit your 9 to 5 

5. Who should use an LLC and when should you get rid of your LLC? 

Memorable Quotes: 

“As an employee you get paid, they take taxes out, you spend what’s left. 

"As an entrepreneur you make money, you spend money and then you pay taxes on what’s left.” 

“Just like money is a game, taxes [are] a game. And just like any game you have to do two important things to win. 

Number one you have to be on the right team. 

Number two you have to know the rules.” 

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